About Joe Merchant & Co

Joe Merchant & Co is a site born out of the love for quality coffee. From the creators of Fox & Monocle we have set out to provide a unique and premium experience in the online coffee space.


What do we do?

Joe Merchant is an online subscription service that delivers consumers and businesses premium and freshly roasted coffee every month. Each month you receive a different coffee roaster allowing you to try a wide range of coffee styles and tastes.


Where do we source our coffee?

We source our coffee from local Australian roasters, coffee beans are roasted just before we send them to you. The beans are sourced from artisan coffee fields across the globe and from right here in Australia.


Why freshly roasted coffee?

Store bought coffee is effectively old by the time you buy it, having lost most of its flavour and aromas as coffee once ground starts to become stale immediately. Freshly roasted coffee has all the original aromas and tasting notes and is as fresh as you can get it. Perfect for coffee lovers, addicts and those that enjoy quality coffee!


Who are we?

Joe Merchant & Co is businessĀ of Fox & Monocle. Based here in Sydney, Australia we are a specialist in online retail and consumer platforms. Drop us a note if you have an interesting business opportunity.