Fish River Roasters Mudgee our Pick for May 2016

Fish River Roasters Mudgee our Pick for May 2016

Smooth and full bodied with a balanced acidity. Caramel and dark chocolate flavours.

Fresh Roast from Mudgee!

We picked Fish River coffee from Mudgee this month as we tried their coffee a while back on a trip to Mudgee and thoroughly enjoyed it!

Varietals and tasting notes are below for the house blend and single origin roasts for the month of May 2016.


Fish River – Roasting Machine

Fish River Roasting Machine


Award Winning Coffee


Fish River Roasters Mudgee


Tasting Notes and Varietals for Fish River Roasters

Colombian Popayan Supremo Cauca Tasting Notes
Grown in the rich soil of the Sierra Nevada mountains near Cauca in the Popayan region of Colombia.
aromas: Deep berry aromas
flavours: Smooth and full bodied with a balanced acidity. Caramel and dark chocolate flavours.
notes: Colombian Coffees are popular because of their high quality and ability to drink well as a single origin or in a blend.
The cool climate (1400m to 1800m) is ideal for the prolonged development of the coffee cherry which translates into high quality in the cup.

Fish River Roasters – The Hub Blend Tasting Notes

A special blend, done for our friends at the Hub Espresso Bar. We based this blend on a favourite Colombian coffee added in Sumatran, Kenyan and Ethiopian coffees to give it balance and retain a smooth finish.
aromas: subtle vanilla and florals flavours: Cocoa and dark chocolate flavours and bright, lingering finish.
Notes: This coffee has won awards at the 2011, 2013 and 2016 Sydney Royal Fine Food show and at the Golden Bean coffee competition.
Fish River Roasters-Tasting Notes Single Origin LR5
A lighter roasted coffee blend that works well in filter and espresso. A pulp natural Brazil adds sweetness with an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe for brightness, a Colombian for body and a Sumatran for some berries and acidity.
aroma: Complex. Dried apricots and figs, sweet peas
flavours: light caramel with some delicate acidity and a creamy, syrupy body.
We pull this roast up well before the start of the second crack which is our normal indicator for an espresso style roast. We’ve been really happy with the result particularly as an afternoon filter coffee in Chemex or aeropress.

About Fish River Roasters Mudgee

At fish river roasters we roast in small batches so we can deliver to you fresh and fast. Our philosophy is simple: source the best coffee beans and roast each variety to bring out their best flavours and aroma.


Our coffee has won 21 awards over the years including at the Sydney Royal Fine Food show and the National Golden Bean competition.


We just picked up another three medals (Bronze)at the Royal Sydney Fine Food Show (2016). The Hub Blend won in the hotly contested milk based category, The Avenue in the Filter Category and the Decaf won as well. There were no gold medals given in each of these categories. In each case we just sent in what we were sending out to our customers that day. No competition blends or limited releases.


We’re still deciding next month’s pick… we’ll update you soon!