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Grace and Taylor Coffee Roasters Waterloo Sydney

Grace & Taylor Roaster from Waterloo Featured June 2016

Grace and Taylor Coffee Raosters Waterloo Sydney featured in June 2016.


Grace and Taylor Coffee Roasters Waterloo Sydney

Tasting Notes and Varietal Information


The Tabi is the perfect winter coffee, our notes are: chestnuts, chocolate orange and winter berries.
The Caturra is a little more familiar, we taste: Grapefruit, crisp raspberry acidity with a silky mouthfeel and lingering finish.
Both come from Pedro Trujillo’s farm ‘El Jardín’ which is situated in Cerrania de las Minas in Southern Huila, Colombia. These coffees were both harvested in November 2015. They were wet processed to remove the cherries and mucilage, then spent 20 days on raised parabolic drying beds.


Graceland – Signature House Blend

Graceland. Tastes like peach iced tea (as espresso), turning to coffee cherry and caramel with milk.
Components: Ethiopia Sidamo Guji Wonberta natural heirlooms; Ethiopia Kebele Aricha washed heirlooms; and Colombia Pasto Nariño, washed Caturra, Castillo and Colombia.

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