Freshly Roasted Coffee Subscription 500g per Month

Initial payment of $0.00 with monthly payment of $38.50

Get 500g of freshly roasted coffee every month. Freshly roasted artisan coffee delivered to your door each month anywhere in the World!


Your coffee will be dispatched each month around the middle of the month shortly after roasting. Your payment is processed on the 8th of each month.


Choose your coffee style tips:

Choose the roast type – Espresso roast is for espresso style machine coffee or stove top coffees and filter type is best for paper, plunger and drip filter coffee.

Choose an origin type – A blend is usually suited to classic milk based coffees and single origin is often best for cold crew methods. If just a beginner a house blend usually offers the best all round flavour.


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Joe Merchant’s Hand Picked Monthly Coffee Subscription


Get 500g of freshly roasted coffee every month. Each month we select from one of Australia’s best coffee roasters and send you our pick of the month.


Choose from house blends or single origin roasts and whole bean, grind, espresso or filter coffee types.


Your subscription provides you with 500g coffee (2 sealed packs) each month delivered direct to you. Delivery is free in Australia.


Select from:

  • Whole Bean or espresso grind or filter grind (coarser)
  • Blend or single origin type beans
  • Roast type – which is either roast for espresso or roast for filter


A blend is usually suited to milk based coffee and single origin is usually best for black coffee. If you’re unsure, a blend is the safest option! See Choosing a Coffee Type for more information.


Your subscription is easy to setup and you can pause, cancel or upgrade/downgrade at anytime. Subscriptions are charged on the 8th of each month.

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Single origin or house blend?

House Blend, Single Origin

Roast type for Espresso or Filter?

Espresso Roast, Filter Roast

Whole Beans or Ground?

Whole Beans, Espresso Grind, Filter Grind (Coarser)